Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

 >John P. Curcio <jpc@philabs.philips.com> wrote:
>>This is why the repeal bothers me.  The asshole Democrats, who were
>>against repealing the limit in the first place, decided that they
>>would keep it for trucks and busses.  Now, we can have huge speed
>>differentials between cars and trucks.  That is perhaps the WORST
>>thing they could have done.

ckong@acsu.buffalo.edu (Cynthia) writes:
>        I believe in states with 65 mph limits, commercial traffic
>is limited to 55.

Depends on the state.  Missouri has 65 for regular vehicles and 60 for 
carriers (over a certain size), while in Iowa and Kansas all go 65.

The speed differential doesn't make any sense, as the case with most political 
compromises that defy logic and reason.

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