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Vol. 23, No. 2/Winter 2001

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By Leigh Poitinger

This has been quite a busy news season. Here in California we've been turning out numerous stories on the state's electricity shortages, which has become news across the nation (my mom in Ohio called me the other day just to ask if my lights were still on after she read about the power crisis in her local paper).

In this issue, Sammy Alzofon of The Palm Beach Post gives us an inside look at another major, recent news story - the presidential election of 2000. As you might recall, Palm Beach popped up once or twice in reference to the election. Sammy's account of the requests her library received, as well as how they handled it all, is a great read. And it just goes to show that news librarians are indeed an indispensable part of a news organization.

Also in this issue are the biographies of people running for the News Division executive board, as well as profiles of the Kwapil and Henebry News Division award recipients who will be honored at this year's annual SLA conference in San Antonio. In addition, Turid Hegna's recap of the Online Information conference will make you want to hop the next plane to England. You'll also find all the regular columns -- Small Libraries, People, Intranets Q&A -- full of news and tips.

Happy reading!

Leigh Poitinger is the News Research Webmaster at the San Jose Mercury News. You can contact her at