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uyarvu aRa      uyar nalam*    udaiyavan       yavan avan*
Higher than the highest good - it's posessor - who    He
mayarvu aRa           madhi nalam*             aruLinan    yavan avan*
Remover of ignorance, giver of true knowledge, and grace - who    He
ayarvu aRum        amarargaL*           athipathi            yavan  avan*
Remebering always -the liberated souls- their Supreme Lord - who    He
thuyaraRu                 sudar adi*          thozhuthezhu                             enmananE! (2)	1.1.1
The Dispeller of sadness, with luminous feet: prostrate before them and get uplifted - Oh my mind

Oh my mind! you attain salvation by 
prostrating at the bright shining Lotus Feet of the One,- the 
unparalleled one, who has got everything that is GREAT in Him-  
who has blessed me with gnAnam and Bhakthi which destroys my  
"agnAnam" (ignorance and wrong knowldege) completely- who 
is the Chief of immortal dEvAs." 

mananakamalamaRa* malarmisai ezhutharum*
mananuNar vaLavilan,* poRiyuNar vavaiyilan*
inanuNar, muzhunNalam,* ethirnNikazh kazhivinum*
inanilan enanuyir,* miku narai ilanE.	1.1.2

"My "uyir" (AntharyAmi) is He, who is- incomprehensible  even by 
those yOgis, who are able to control their desire(lust), anger arising 
in their minds,- immeasurable by the fullest capacities of five sense 
organs, - has got such attributes and character, - who 
has got no one equal to Him at all times (past, present and the 
future)- who has got none greater than Him." 

ilanathu udaiyanithu* ena ninaivariyavan*
nilanidai visumbidai* uruvinan aruvinan*
pulanodu pulanalan,* ozhivilan parantha* an-
nalanudai oruvanai* naNukinam naamE.*	1.1.3

I have already attained that emperumAn.- 
who can not say that He has this in Him and He does not have that in 
Him- (means He has Everything in Him; yet He is attached to nothing) 
such a great attribute He has- 
He has entered into the forms of everything in the Universe and in 
"viNNagam" (dEva, Brahma, Vikunta lOkam)- at the same time ,He is of 
no form .  Like that, even though He has mixed Himself with everything 
that can be perceived by sense organs, He still can NOT be perceived 
by our senses; _ He has got all that is spread everywhere- the emperumAn-  
who has got such GREAT attributes- I have already attained Him." 

naam  avan      ivan_   uvan,*             avaL_      ivaL      uvaL               evaL*
we,   that he,  this he and he in between, that she,  this she, she in between and she wherever
thaamavar ivar_         uvar,*              adhu      vidhu    vudhuv        edhu*
those and these people  people in-between,  it there, it here, it in-between and it wherever
veem avai          yivai           yuvai,*      avainNalam,  theenkavai*
persihable things, things here and in-between,  good things, bad things
aamavaiy       aay avaiy      aay* ninRa  avarE.*	1.1.4
future things, past things;   has become; He Himself

The emperumAn is and has become that guy, this guy and the one who is 
in between that guy and this guy- that lady, this lady and the one 
who is in between that and this lady- those and these people and ones 
who are in between them- that and this object and those objects which 
are in between them- the one which is a question in our minds; good 
things; bad things; past, present and future things; things which 
are never permanent and are going to be perished;- 

avaravar thamathamathu* aRivaRi vakaivakai*
avaravar iRaiyavar* ena adi adaivargaL*
avaravar iRaiyavar* kuRaivilar iRaiyavar*
avaravar vidhivazhi* adaiya ninRanarE.	1.1.5

Those gnAnis, who, with their knowledge and bhakti  understand their 
Gods as "The One, who has no second"  and surrender at Those Gods' feet. 
Such Gods bless and give everything to Their devotees and satify them . 
Not due to their powers; but due to the Grace and mercy of Sriman 
NarayaNan who is present in those Gods as antharyAmi in their Hearts. " 

ninRanar irunthanar* kidanthanar thirinthanar*
ninRilar irunthilar* kidanthilar thirinthilar*
enRumor iyalvinar* enanNinai variyavar*
enRumor iyalvodu* ninRa_venthidarE.	1.1.6

Those who are standing, sitting, lying down; those who are NOT standing; 
NOT sitting and NOT lying down- all of them are directed and guided by 
Him; Such as He can not be thought of as one who is of same kind of form 
and nature at all times;  At the same time He has got same kind of 
GREATNESS and ATTRIBUTES at all times; such as He, due to our vairAgyam 
(determination), has become mine

thidavisum perivaLi* neernNilam ivaimisai*
padar_poruL muzhuvathumaay* avai avaithoRum*
udalmisai uyirenak* karanthenkum paranthuLan*
sudarmiku suruthiyuL* ivaiyanda suranE.	1.1.7

The sturdy agAyam, fire, wind, water and the earth,(Pancha bhoothangaL) 
with those, He has become one Himself with everything that is in those 
pancha bhoothangaL; In each of those everything, He has hidden Himself as 
its life . Like that He has entered and spread everywhere and in everything 
like the light that spreads everywhere; Such a GREAT Emperumaan at the 
end of cycle, (yugam), He takes and unites everything back to Him." 

suraraRi varunNilai* viNmudhal muzhuvathum*
varan muthalaayavai* muzhuthunda paraparan*
puramoru moonReriththu* amararkku aRiviyanthu*
aranayan ena* _ulakazhiththamaith thuLanE.	1.1.8

ParamporuL, the one who can NOT be even known by devAs,(celestial ones); 
who is the cause of all that is created and is the consumer of everything 
by eating and keeping them in His body at the end of cosmic cycle; who 
takes the form of RudhrA and burns; who takes the form of brahmaa and 
created the Universe and gives gnAnam to dEvAs; Like that He enters 
into Rudran and Brahman as their antharAtmA

uLanenil uLan_avan* uruvam_ivvuruvugaL*
uLanalanenil, avan* aruvamivvaruvugaL*
uLanena ilanena* ivaiguNa mudaimaiyil*
uLan_iru thakaimaiyodu* ozhivilan paranthE.	1.1.9

He exists" means He exists (for theists); He does not exist also 
implies He exists; - He has got such attributes and nature which 
can be described as existent as well as non-existent;  He takes 
the forms as well as NO Forms; With such sthoola sareeram and 
sookshuma sareeram, He exists and is spread EVERYWHERE." 

paranthathaN paravaiyuL* neerdhoRum parandhuLan*
parantha _aNdamithena:* nilavisum pozhivaRa*
karantha silidanthoRum* idanthikazh poruLthoRum*
karanthenkum paranthuLan:* ivaiyunda karanE.	1.1.10

Emperumaan exists and is in each atom of water droplet of the Ocean 
which spreads everywhere as if the atom itself is and spreads the 
entire cosmic universe; Like that, He fills entirely even in the 
MINUTEST Microcosmic particles and their atoms; With such nature He 
exists and at the END, He takes back everything back to Him and stays 

karavisum perivaLi* neernNilam ivaimisai*
varanavil thiRalvali* aLipoRaiyaay nNinRa*
paran_adi mEl* kurukoorch sadagOpan_sol*
niral niRai aayiraththu* ivaipaththum veedE. (2)	1.1.11

ParamporuL- the one who has become and is the sound, burning capacity, 
strength, coolness and the endurance/patience- the attributes of the 
pancha bhoothangaL (respectively aagaayam, fire, air, water, earth); 
His Lotus feet are the topic of  pasurams of kurugoor sadagopan
- which are rich in meanings and in literary sense- the ten pAsurams 
of these full 1000 pAsurams can give mOksham (to all of us, dear ones!) 

T i r u v a i m o z h i   of   N a m m a z h w a r - Centum : 1-1

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