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Dear Swami Desika BhakthAs:
The kramam ( order) of utsavams during
the PurattAsi SravaNa Janma nakstra utsavam for Swamy Desikan at Thiruvaheendhrapuram is:
1. The night before DhvajArOhaNam:
Mirror Hall sEvai of Lord DevanAthan
2. First day : DhvajArOhaNam and
Morning PuRappAdu
3.First Day night: PuRappAdu in VyOma VimAnam
4. Second day Morning: Golden Palanquin
5. Second Day night : Veethi PuRappAdu
in VimAnam with anjali mudhrA
6. Third Day Morning: Soorya Prabhai PuRappAdu
7. Third day night : Hamsa Vaahanam
8.Fourth Day Morning : Bhavani in Pallakku with KrishNa Vesahm
9.Fourth day night : Chandra Prabhai
10.Fifth Day Morning : Venkata nAyaki ThirukkOlam
11.Fifth day night: Simha Vaahanam
12.Sixth day Morning : VeNNai thAzhi
13.Sixth day night : Yaanai Vaahanam 
14.Seventh Morning ; no PuRappADu
15.Seventh day evening: ManjaL neer ,
VasantOtsavam ,chUrNAbhishEkam
16.Eighth day: Garden Utsavam and sevai as Raaman with bow& arrow 
17. Ninth day : Car Festival
18. PurattAsi ThiruvONam day: Janma nakshatram: Big SaaRRumuRai utsavam 
at the Oushada Giri , descent from the hill and MangaLAsAsanam of Lord DevanAthan, HemAbhjavalli ,Raghuveeran and Raaja GopAlan . Thirumanjanam and
TheerthavAri .
19. PurattAsi ThiruvONam evening : AruLiccheyalkaL ghOshti at Swamy Desikan Sannidhi  , SaaRRumuRai ,Veethi PuRappAdu and the Hamsa dhvaja
20. Eleventh day: TeppOtsavam in Garuda nadhi and KaaLinga Nardhana sEvai .
21. VidAyERRu dinam : DolOtsavam for Lord DevanAthan , HemAbhjavalli , SrI Raghuveeran and Swamy Desikan
With these utsavams , Janma nakshatram of Swamy Desikan is celebrated grandly every year at
Thiruvaheendhrapuram .
The Padi Utsavam on PurattAsi SravaNam day at ThiruvahIndhrapuram
and at Hasthigiri , Kaanchi are equally famous . adiyEn was blessed to create
two DVDs on the PadiyERRu utsavam a couple of years ago . The managaLa ghOsham of Swamy Desika stOtrams 
resounding in the Oushadagiri and the Veeddhis of Thiruvaheendhrapuram 
on PurattAsi SravaNam day and the radiance from the face of Swamy Desikan has to be experieced atleast once in one's life time .The DVDs try to capture these raptourous moments . I will try to release them in the near future .
(To Be continued )
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan    


Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan

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