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  *Desktop Publishing Resources FAQ
    This posting delineates the FAQs that can be found in the PageMakr
      Archives and contains further information that may be of
      interest to the modern desktop publisher.
    From: (Geoff Peters)
    Posted: tri-weekly (23 Jul 1995 14:16:24 GMT)

  PageMaker Frequently Asked Questions, part */*
    This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked questions for the
      PageMaker listserv (bit.listserv.pagemakr). It should be read
      before anyone posts to this group. Also, please note that there
      are additional FAQs for this group, see question #3.9 below.
    From: (Geoffrey William Peters)
    Posted: every six weeks (13 Aug 1994 03:51:06 GMT)

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