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  Shifting, searching, belonging, place, identity, power?

  A forum for the discussion of issues related to the idea that beliefs and
  identity are becoming increasingly unstable. Our emerging global culture is
  influenced by a shifting and constant movement that alters economic,
  spiritual, and  geographic categories and hence our understanding of the world.
  NOMAD represents varying concepts of space and time that inform
  relationships between and across cultures, between gendered
  and culturally different  individuals. It investigates what happens
  to an image, a story, a theory that moves from place to place. NOMAD
  challenges truth while recognizing that certain "essentialisms" can be
  made useful.
  NOMAD includes the effects of televisual and digital technologies on
  social  and cultural meaning. It is about the ability to be in at least
  two places at  once, to be in two or more moments of historical space
  and time, to be both in and out of one's body. It explores the
  homogenizing tendencies of global communications media in relation 
  to local cultures. It concerns the influence of these technologies 
  over even those who appear to be outside the circuits, over those 
  who are otherwise perceived as marginal or who are willfully peripheral.

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