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  Learning from teachers who are far away.

  Globewide Network Academy FAQ, plain text version [Last Revised */*/*]
    List of Frequently Asked Questions with Answers about
      GNA--Globewide Network Academy, Inc., a non-profit corporation
      affiliated with the Usenet University project. Please read this
      before posting to alt.uu.future.
    From: (Carter Butts)
    Posted: bimonthly (3 Oct 1994 00:22:33 -0400)

  Globewide Network Academy on the World Wide Web [Rev. *]
    From: (Marcus Speh)
    Posted: bimonthly ()

  Distant Education : Globewide Network Academy *
    This posting contains the list of members of GNA. All of the
      organizations below provide distance education to the general
      public. Both degree or non-degree programs are available.
    From: (Billy Chan - GNA Catalog
    Posted: monthly (4 Dec 95 17:07:47 GMT)

  Readers: 9000 (0.2%) {42%}         Mesgs per month/day: 473/16     {47%}
  Crossposting: 9% {37%}             Megs  per month/day: 0.7/0.023  {48%}
  Sites reciving this Group: 49%     Cost ratio ($US/month/rdr): 0.03

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