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  Trotskyite socialism discussions.

  A newsgroup to serve as the forum for the large Trotskyite 
  community on the Internet which presently has no forum to discuss what 
  they perceive to be "real" socialism.  I don't understand it much myself, 
  but you've probably seen the flames in alt.politics.radical-left directed 
  at the actual theorists from the wacko kooks.  In other words, this group 
  is intended to separate the serious discussion out from the flamage.

  Readers: 4900 (0.1%) {18%}         Mesgs per month/day: 669/22     {55%}
  Crossposting: 25% {69%}            Megs  per month/day: 1.3/0.043  {63%}
  Sites reciving this Group: 35%     Cost ratio ($US/month/rdr): 0.09

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