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  Storage system issues, both hardware and software.

  This group is to facilitate and encourage communication among people 
  interested in computer storage systems.  The scope of the discussions
  would include issues relevant to all types of computer storage systems,
  both hardware and software.  The general emphasis here is on open
  storage systems as opposed to platform specific products or proprietary
  hardware from a particular vendor.  Such vendor specific discussions
  might belong in or comp.periphs.  Many of these questions
  are at the research, architectural, and design levels today, but as more
  general storage system products enter the market, discussions may 
  expand into "how to use" type questions.
  This group serves as a forum for the discussion of issues which do
  not easily fit into the more tightly focused discussions in various
  existing newsgroups.  The issues are much broader than Unix
  (comp.unix.*, comp.os.*), as they transcend operating systems in
  general.  Distributed computer systems of the future will offer
  standard network storage services; what operating system(s) they use
  (if any) will be irrelevant to their clients.  The peripheral groups
  (comp.periphs, comp.periphs.scsi) are too hardware oriented for these
  topics.  Several of these topics involve active standards groups but
  several storage system issues are research topics in distributed
  systems.  In general, the standards newsgroups ( are too
  narrowly focused for these discussions. FAQ */*
    From: (Rodney D. Van Meter)
    Posted: monthly (23 Jan 1996 23:29:32 GMT)

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