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  Discussion of materials available in MSDOS archives.

  This unmoderated newsgroup is the discussion subgroup of the
  moderated comp.archives.msdos.announce newsgroup.  The newsgroup
  covers users' reports, questions and discussions about the PD and
  shareware programs at the MSDOS FTP sites, and the users' questions
  about the MSDOS FTP sites such as the users' connectivity problem
  reports.  The group is also for posting requests/replies concerning
  where to find such programs as are stored at the MSDOS FTP sites.
  The newsgroup does not cover any discussions of fully commercial
  programs or programs for other operating systems like OS/2.  (These
  programs have Usenet newsgroups of their own).

  comp.archives.msdos.{announce,d} FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Posted automatically every ten days in the host newsgroups
    From: (Timo Salmi)
    Posted: every four weeks in *.answers, weekly elsewhere (4 Jan 1996 13:06:05 +0200)

  Useful MSDOS Programs at SimTel, Garbo, and Cica (Part * of *)
    A list of recommended DOS/WIN programs available from major ftp
    From: (Samuel Ko)
    Posted: monthly (30 May 1994 08:34:19 GMT)

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