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  Computer graphics, art, animation, image processing.

  Frequently Asked Questions about Gamma
    From: (Charles A. Poynton)
    Posted: unknown ()

  JPEG image compression FAQ, part */2
    General questions and answers about JPEG
    From: (Tom Lane)
    Posted: every 14 days (Sat, 22 Jul 1995 23:20:19 GMT)

  (*) Computer Graphics Resource Listing : BIWEEKLY [part */*]
    From: (Nick C. Fotis)
    Posted: every two weeks (Sat, 10 Dec 1994 00:40:33 GMT)

  Frequently Asked Questions about Color, part */*
    From: (Charles A. Poynton)
    Posted: unknown ()

  MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [*/*]
    This is the summary about the ISO video and audioformats MPEG 1, 2
      and 4
    From: (Frank Gadegast)
    Posted: bimonthly (9 Jun 1995 10:52:25 GMT)

  SuperVGA/VESA programmer's notes.
    This posting contains programming notes and references for those
      interested in programming in SuperVGA modes.
    Posted: every 2 months (19 May 95 01:54:15 GMT)

  Color space FAQ
    This FAQ clarifies aspects of nonlinear image coding (gamma),
      colour specification and image coding that are important to
      computer graphics, image processing, video, and the transfer of
      digital images to print.
    From: Adrian Ford <>
    Posted: monthly (6 Jun 1995 10:36:08 GMT)

  FAQ - ASCII Art Questions & Answers (* - *)
    what ASCII art is - why and what it's used for - types of ASCII
      art how to use FTP, Gopher, WWW - how to save, 'uudecode' and
      uncompress copyright info - how to make big letters and gray
      scale pictures how to put an animation in your .plan - info on
      posting ASCII art how to make sigs - how to automatically add a
      sig to posts and email how to make and view ASCII art - where to
      get art and tools - more
    From: (Bob Allison)
    Posted: Weekly (6 Jun 1995 10:29:42 -0500)

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