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  Announcements relating to Windows. (Moderated)

  The group is a moderated news group for
  announcing anything related to Microsoft Windows or Windows NT.
  Articles are subject to editing or rejection.
  Typical postings include new uploads to ftp sites, software/hardware
  releases or updates, meetings, conferences, exhibits, services, or
  rumors (reliable sources only ;).
  Especially useful are NEW uploads to FTP sites, which are easy to
  spot here, as opposed to other windows groups which receive 100's of
  posts per day.  So if you're first to upload a file to one of the FTP
  sites (cica/metalab/etc), please feel free to send me an announcement.
  Posts regarding announcements about other Operating System vendors are
  fine as long as the primarily relate to Microsoft Windows/NT (examples:
  Sun's WABI, or IBM's OS/2 for Windows).
  For the most part, postings should generally be around 150 lines in
  length.  There are obvious exceptions and if you think you have
  one, please submit the article.
  This group is not for Job offerings (see or 
  Opinions on a posting (follow-ups to  If you
  grab a piece of software mentioned on this group and find a dangerous
  bug, please feel free to send me a note detailing the circumstances, if
  it's serious, I'll post it.
  Marketing hype will be edited from all postings.  If you market
  a Windows product, please post it's features, pricing and availability,
  please don't post the company's history/philosophy.

  Moderated by: Sean Graham
  Submissions to:
  Requests to:

  Readers: 55000 (0.7%) {96%}        Mesgs per month/day: 21/1       {7%}
  Crossposting: 10% {40%}            Megs  per month/day: 0.0/0.000  {9%}
  Sites reciving this Group: 75%     Cost ratio ($US/month/rdr): 0.00

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