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  Risks to the public from computers & users. (Moderated)

  Moderated group to discuss any kind of computer related risks, this can
  be anything from internet worms to terminal caused eyesight problems.
  The group is mirrored in a mailing list of which the details are given
  in the articles which are posted.  The articles are posted in a digest
  format rather than as individual article.

  Moderated by: Peter G. Neumann
  Submissions to:

  Gatewayed to in digest format.

  Readers: 120000 (1.5%) {99%}       Mesgs per month/day: 3/0        {2%}
  Crossposting: 0% {8%}              Megs  per month/day: 0.1/0.003  {19%}
  Sites reciving this Group: 81%     Cost ratio ($US/month/rdr): 0.00

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