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  Developers & hobbyists discuss code.

  Discussion about programming the Commodore Amiga computer.  Topics include:
   	Programming languages
   	Compilers and interpreters
   	"Help me find a bug in my code."  (Please post a *SHORT* example.)
   	Questions about how to program.
  Note that general programming questions that do not specifically
  involve the Amiga may be better answered in other newsgroups.  For
  example, a general C programming question may be better suited for
  comp.lang.c (assuming you have already checked the comp.lang.c Frequently
  Asked Questions article posted regularly in that group).

  Amiga FAQ (Frequently asked questions) (Part * of *)
    Frequently asked questions on the Amiga. New users should read
    From: (Ignaz Kellerer)
    Posted: biweekly (19 Dec 1995 17:00:26 GMT)

  Amiga Related Books FAQ
    This posting contains a list of books relating to the Amiga
      Personal Computer. Information about each book is given,
      including comments from people on the comp.sys.amiga.*
    From: (Marc Atkin)
    Posted: monthly on the 7th (7 Jan 1996 22:50:32 GMT)

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