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  Promoting the use of creativity in all human endeavors.

  A newsgroup for promoting creativity in all human endeavors.  
  Towards that end, readers are encouraged to suggest and discuss 
  techniques and strategies useful in enhancing creativity.  Worldwide 
  electronic brainstorming are encouraged as a means of assisting 
  individuals generate new ideas and solutions to problems.  Information 
  about resources (books, electronic lists, conferences, courses and 
  seminars, audio-visual  resources and software) will be distributed.
  A newsgroup to provide an opportunity for "netizens" (Internet
  Users) to share creative experiences in their personal and professional 
  lives. A group to give an opportunity to test new ideas, innovations, 
  inventions with others as a way to further develop these thoughts.
  Finally, a newsgroup for an additional source of emotional, intellectual 
  and social support often lacking in the lives of creative people.  The
  group enable creative individuals to connect with other creative 
  people all over the world, generating a synergy that will generate 
  innovative ideas urgently needed to solve the vast problems facing all 
  of humanity. 

  Monthly Post: ThisIsCrazy
    From: (Sylvia Caras)
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  Creativity FAQ
    From: (Rousseau Paul)
    Posted: unknown ()

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