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  Pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy, childbirth.

    Discussion of matters related to pregnancy, including 
  pre-pregnancy planning, infertility, childbirth, and the recovery
  of the mother during the postpartum period.

  Midwifery:Bibliography about the Profession of Midwifery
  Midwifery in the United States
  Introduction to Midwifery
    This posting defines the types of midwives found in the USA, with
      descriptions of their similarities and differences, educational
      routes, and what the different types of midwives are able to do.
    From: (Pat Sonnenstuhl)
    Posted: monthly, except for bibliography which is occasional (22 Jan 1996 16:11:30 +0100)

  Welcome to File Index Part */*
    1 new file, 3 changes in file contacts
    Posted: twice a month (Mon, 22 Jan 1996 09:27:41 -0500) Birth Planning FAQ (part * of *)
    Guidelines for writing a Birth Plan according to the Bradley(r)
      Method.  Part 1 - Steps, Part 2 - Samples & net.wisdom Part 3 -
      More Samples, newer submissions. (More Submissions Welcome!)
    From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
    Posted: monthly (17 Jan 1996 15:21:19 -0800) Bradley Method FAQ
    A description of the Bradley(r) Method of Natural Childbirth Birth
      stories of parents on the net who used the method. Resources for
      other natural childbirth methods.
    From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
    Posted: monthly (20 Nov 1995 15:59:14 -0800) Bradley Pregnancy Nutrition FAQ
    Bradley(r) Method Pregnancy Nutrition Guidelines Includes a Daily
      Plan for getting what you and baby need. **NEW** Section on Iron
      and Raising Hematocrit
    From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
    Posted: monthly (20 Nov 1995 16:00:20 -0800) Epidural Anesthesia FAQ
    A summary of the research on epidurals (overwhelmingly negative -
      not my bias!) followed by stories from those who have had
      epidurals during labor/delivery - both positive and negative. 
      Please send your story!
    From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
    Posted: monthly (18 Oct 1995 11:58:58 -0700) General Pregnancy FAQ - Part * of *
    Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy Part 1 - Basics, Early
      symptoms, When to do what, PreConception, Blood Tests, Finding
      Due Date, First movements...
    From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
    Posted: monthly (17 Jan 1996 15:23:30 -0800)

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