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  Perfect information, pure strategy games.

  A newsgroup for the discussion of abstract games where
  strategy, tactics and player skill are paramount.  This includes
  the major category of perfect information, pure-strategy
  (deterministic) games, i.e. those with no element of chance (e.g.
  no dice), and where all information is available (unlike card games
  and Scrabble, for example, where players' hands are hidden).  The
  games under consideration are characterised by a simple board and
  pieces, with a small number of rules.  The cliche `a minute to
  learn, a lifetime to master' is often applied.
  o       discussion of less mainstream abstract games,
          which do not warrant a group of their own.
  o       design and implementation issues for computer players.
  o       develop generic code for computer programs,
          such as board widgets, alpha-beta and other algorithms.
  o       introduce each other to new games, thus finding new
  o       discuss strategy & tactics for human players.
  o       what makes a {good,fun,hard,popular} abstract game?
          Will playing X be detrimental/beneficial to my Y playing? etc.
  o       ask `experts' for rule clarification.
  o       catalogue known abstract games, variations, genealogy,
          sources of equipment, literature, clubs.
  o       maintain a list of email opponents for various games.
  o       catalogue available computer programs for these games.
  o       maintain a FAQ, outriggers could be posted to other groups,
          get a mention in appropriate FAQs.
  o       propose and discuss new games or mechanisms
  o       puzzles for games other than chess et al.
  o       organise tournaments for various (obscure) games.
  o       organise an ftp archive, where useful information and games
          programs can be held.
  o       vote for the best and the worst abstract game of the year
          (or month or ever!)
  o       generally have fun in a decent way

  Nomic FAQ (Updated *)
    From: Malcolm Ross Kinsella Ryan <malcolmr@mirv.comms.unsw.EDU.AU>
    Posted: unknown ()

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