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  Various aspects of multiuser computer games.

  A group on which to discuss the varied aspects of mudding. Discussion 
  includes but is not be limited to the designing and programming of 
  MUDs, the social aspects of MUDs, information on  the opening of new 
  MUDs and the closing of old MUDs, and social events for MUD players. 
  It is also a place to ask questions and get answers on the play, the 
  programming, and the administration of MUDs. The  proposed group is 
  not be limited to discussing any one flavor of MUD, but includes 
  AberMUD, TinyMUD, TinyMUCK, LP MUD, and any other past,   present, and 
  future MUDs. 
  MUD topics not covered in a more specific* newsgroup
  should be discussed here.

  []: FAQ #1/3: MUDs and MUDding
    basic info on muds
    From: (Jennifer "Moira" Smith)
    Posted: biweekly (16 Jan 1996 06:52:34 GMT)

  []: FAQ #2/3: MUD Clients and Servers
    mud clients and servers, descriptions and locations of source
    From: (Jennifer "Moira" Smith)
    Posted: biweekly (16 Jan 1996 06:52:37 GMT)

  []: FAQ #3/3: RWHO and "mudwho"
    info on rwho servers, and mudwho
    From: (Jennifer "Moira" Smith)
    Posted: biweekly (16 Jan 1996 06:52:38 GMT)

  The Totally Unofficial List of Internet Muds
    From: (Scott Goehring)
    Posted: weekly (22 Jan 1994 14:34:01 GMT)

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  Sites reciving this Group: 65%     Cost ratio ($US/month/rdr): 0.03

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