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  The field of electrochemistry.

  An open discussion forum for the electrochemistry community on the 
  internet.  This newsgroup would allow rapid, timely and focussed 
  discussions of opinions and information that would take months or 
  years (or not at all) on conventional paper journals.
  Topics for discussion would include (but not exclusive) :
    Synthesis                     Chemical processes
    Battery and Energy Storage    Corrosion
    Biological processes
    Synthesis of inorganic and organic compounds      
    Electrowinning/refining of metals 
    Electrochemical engineering   Industrial electrolysis
    Fuel cells 
    Kinetics and mechanism of electrode reactions
    Theory of charge transfer reactions
    Structure of the electrochemical double layer
    Electroanalytical chemistry   Electrochemical sensors
    Spectroelectrochemistry       Photoelectrochemistry
    Conducting Polymers           Electrochemistry of semiconductors
    Electrochemical process technology in electronics
    Electrodeposition of metallic/semiconductor/nonmetallic/composite
    Electroforming                Electromachining
    Electroplating                Electrodialysis (e.g. desalination)
    Software                      Databases
    Hardware/Equipment - specs, opinions, etc.
    Applications                  Techniques
    Announcements/reviews of papers/conferences.
    General Discussion/opinions/questions.
    Positions vacant
    and anything else that is relevant to electrochemistry in general.

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