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  Discussions about the environment and ecology.

  Climate change: some basics
    Nontechnical outline of some basic climate change topics,
      including natural and enhanced greenhouse effect, feedbacks,
      aerosols, natural climatic variability, and ice cores.
    From: (Jan Schloerer)
    Posted: about every two months (13 Dec 1995 16:37:13 GMT)

  Ozone Depletion FAQ Part *: *
    This is the first of four files dealing with stratospheric ozone
      depletion. It provides scientific background for the more
      detailed questions in the other three parts.
    From: (Robert Parson)
    Posted: monthly (21 Nov 1995 22:22:12 GMT)

  Electric Vehicles FAQ Part */*
    From: UCISRCY@Unocal.Com
    Posted: monthly (Wed, 20 Oct 1993 00:10:13 GMT)

  Sea Level, Ice, and Greenhouses -- FAQ
    Survey of physical processes affecting sea level.
    From: (Robert Grumbine)
    Posted: monthly (14 Jun 1994 19:48:36 -0400)

  Conventional Fusion FAQ Section 0/11 (Intro) Part 1/3 (Overview)
    Fusion energy represents a promising alternative to fossil fuels
      and nuclear fission for world energy production. This FUT is a
      compendium of Frequently Used Terms in plasma physics and fusion
      energy research.  Refer to the FAQ on Conventional Fusion for
      more detailed info about topics in fusion research.  This FUT
      does NOT discuss unconventional forms of fusion (like Cold
    From: Robert F. Heeter <>
    Posted: More-or-less-biweekly (17 Jan 1996 04:19:33 GMT)

  FAQ:  Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones (Part * of *)
    From: (Chris Landsea)
    Posted: monthly ()

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