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  Politics, culture, news, discussion about Burma.

  A forum for the posting of any and  all news, opinion, discussion 
  and information relating to any aspect of Burmese politics, ethnicity, 
  life, culture, religion, travel, society or war. 
  A forum in which diverse opinions and unfettered debate will be
  encouraged, without regard to political, philosophical, religious or
  personal bias. 
  This group serves to hasten the end of the informationally-repressive 
  circumstances affecting the Burmese people and land and anyone interested 
  in them.
  No commercial offers of any kind are permitted on soc.culture.burma,
  though information of the nature of money-saving travel tips will be
  allowed as long as they do not constitute any direct offers to sell any
  services or merchandise. 

  The Internet Travel Guide - Myanmar  FAQ
    From: (Peter M. Geiser)
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