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  Discussion about things Lebanese.

  soc.culture.lebanon FAQ, part */*
    This article contains a list of questions asked frequently by
      newcomers to soc.culture.lebanon; it then provides answers to
      them. Please read this before posting to the group. Rules of net
      etiquette specify that newcomers to a group should read the FAQ
      (this file) and spend some time reading the group before posting
      to it; this helps ensure that postings are appropriate for the
      type of discussion in the group. Please send all
      updates/additions/corrections to this FAQ to
      (Alaa Dakroub) This FAQ is availbale at the ftp sites (, in /SCL,
      ( in pub/scl, and
      /public/scl as filename "lebanon-faq/part1". It has also a W3
      version on:
    From: "Alaa Dakroub" <>
    Posted: monthly (17 Jan 1996 14:15:34 GMT)

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