TensorFlow.js notes

Note, that size of the MobileNet weights is ~16MB.


About TFjs

To use ML applications (with GPU support) you need only browser and simple editor.
"Pure JS" TFjs links (no node.js):
Beginner Tensorflowjs Examples in Javascript.
Machine Learning For Front-End Developers With Tensorflow.js.
18 Tips for Training your own Tensorflow.js Models in the Browser
Explore TF.js Gallery too.

But Layers models may be highly optimized by TFjs converter (www.tensorflow.org/model_optimization/guide). Therefore we need not only editor? (I usually need "python -m SimpleHTTPServer" or "python -m http.server 8000" too.)

Image classification applications are tested in desktop Chrome and Firefox Beta (32bit) or Dev (64bit) + Windows 10.

Simulations on GPUtwitter/EvgenyDemidov   "demidov at ipm.sci-nnov.ru"
updated 29 Jan 2020