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राम नाम चित साधना Inspirations from Teachings of Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj (1868-1960)

Param Guru Ram

New Book Released on 1st November 2015 available at Book Stores of Shree Ram Sharnam

(Hindi & English)

  • मौन साधना Meditation through Silence - Exploring Silence and Experiencing Soundlessness (Hindi version) (translated by Shri Jitender Kr. Sharma and Smt. Bharti Sharma)
  • Meditation Through Silence - Maun Sadhana: Exploring Silence and Experiencing Soundlessness


Hidden Dynamics of RAM NAAM Philosophy Unveiled from SHREE AMRIT VANI  

SHREE AMRITVANI equates the Vedas as it has all aspects of eternal wisdom tradition. Swamiji Satyanandji Maharajji had scripted this invaluable text enveloping the complete aspects of RAM NAAM philosophy. This scripture called “Amritvani” is no mere textual tradition but ventilates eternal wisdom, so it was written by Swamiji Maharaj when eternal power possessed HIM. It was just not an invocation nor even a song for the praise of Shree Ram but every line, every word, create and enjoin a garland of celestial kind. Though the Amritvani furthers the Bhakti Marg but it has all the elements of Gyan Marg (knowledge path). Amritvani is mystic because as many times one reads, a different vision is unveiled. The nature of Amritvani creates a dynamic platform to fathom its inherent eternal wisdom....


The Art of Thinking and Science of Living

Redefining Self-Management


Positive Mantra provides a conceptual corridor to broaden our perceptions about the life of the self...Positive Mantra attempts to harmonize the outer world and stays with the inner self and becomes a friend in need and would prove to be a friend indeed and stays with you as a companion for life! This book is a humble effort to enthuse and equip the army of professionals, students and even mid-career people to achieve the excellence in life and leave behind their imprints of creativity...


Miraculous Ram - Miraculous Jhabua 
Aloukik Ram - Aloukik Jhabua
Mirroring the Divine Mind of Those who did crores of Jaap
Released on 15th April 2014  Chaitra Poornima (Birthday of Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj)

Glory of Ram Naam - When Ujjain Prison Turned into Temple and Life-Convicts Became Priests!


book Published by Shree Swami Satyanand Dharmarth Trust, New Delhi.   Text & Photographs by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee, 

Translated by Shabnam Pardal





BILINGUAL BOOK - In Hindi and English:  
JADUI RAM MAGIC of RAM NAAM Spiritual Revolution and Revelations in Tribal Jhabua
by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee, Translated by Shabnam Pardal
Chapter 1 A Celecstial Order Jhabua...
Chapter 2 Jhabua - An Administrative Overview...
Chapter 3 Experiencing Magical Ram...
Chapter 4 Divine Revelations - Divya Anubhuti...
Thus Speaks Maharishi Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj...





Reformation Through Ram Naam Case Studies of Tribal Bhils of Jhabua and Convicts of Indore Central Jail

'Negative instinct' of mankind is as old as our civilization. In order to tackle this human aberration many socio-psychological techniques were evolved. In order to ensure co-existence and harmonious living the concept of Law and Order came into vogue. Punishment of crime was enforced to have a deterrent effect on the society..

101 Ram Naam Theme & Thought

Since the days of antiquity the legendary Ram Naam remained a devotional calling for the faithfuls. The tarak mantra Ram is the embodiment of the theo-cultural ethos encompassing entirely the Indian subcontinent. Saints and common folks chanted this name spreading over several millennium. The sacred name was mostly confined within the shrine and icon yet it dwelled in advaita. According to Swami Satyanandji Maharaj this sacred name - Ram remains the Upaya (means) and Upeya (ultimate goal) as well for the spiritual aspirants...


Other Books


  1. Congress Secret Broadcasts and Storming Railway Tracks during Quit India Movement, Navrang, 1989.

  2. Child Criminals and the Raj (1850-1950) Askshay 1993.

  1. Sacred Hindu Symbols, Abhinav - 1995 and 2002

  2. USHINSHA TO PUGREE’ -- Headdress Heritage of India – E-Book 1995 and TV Film - 2003

Road Safety

  1. Traffic Police and Road Users :A Fun Game on Road Safety – 1996 ( 13 language published)

  2. My First Book on Road Safety (Rhymes) 1996

  3. Road Safety Tales -2000

  4. ABC of Road Safety (For Age 5 to 10) – 2012(Unpublished)

  5. Learning Road Safety Culture (Age 11-15) – 2012(Unpublished)

Thought Management

  1. Positive Mantra – The Art of Thinking and Science of Living.

  2. AlterNET Thinking

  3. Listen to the Music Before the Song is Over (Under Publication)


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