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A Concept Note: Thought Management and Positive Mantra

Today our world is rapidly changing and the entire global society is in the ‘fast-mode’ of transition. Technology and the E-factor have penetrated every home and the world of Corporate has become an ever advancing technological hub. Some brains are successfully cruising through these advancements and some are marginalized as they are unable to cope up and feeling the awe. Nevertheless, the progress of the civilization is soaring high yet leaving behind the traces of conflicts, chaos and contradictions as we see the stories of brains having great potential are undergoing ‘Personality Crashes’. Isolations and loneliness have become human beings second nature!

Moreover, in this world, negative forces emitting out of the ‘marginalized situation’ are actually slowing down the progress as we always need the stimulants to invoke positivism in our inner mind and put up a brave face to the world. The book—Positive Mantra does this job of ‘stimulant’ in the larger sense of the word, and works as a catalyst. Positive Mantra attempts to redefine Self Management. It facilitates a self talking methodology with the objective of ‘Art of Thinking and Science of Living’. Positive Mantra provides a conceptual corridor to broaden our perceptions about the life of the self. It also ties the loose ends of the inner-self and fragmented outer self. The method of Positive Mantra is peeling off words and bringing about a series of statements propelling from the given definitions of the very word. Yet, the proximity of content and context never loses its sight while enlarging the dynamic insight. This allows the process of learning and unlearning, celebrating success and absorbing failures, alongside, exploring various elements of hidden talents of the self. Introspection has all the answer to the self this is stressed upon by subtly opening up of small windows of hidden wisdom within. Thus Positive Mantra allows a LIVE connectivity with the inner self which are the corner-stone of our life and living. Positive Mantra attempts to harmonize the outer world with the inner self and becomes a friend in need and would prove to be a friend indeed and stays with you as a companion for life! This book is a humble effort to enthuse and equip the army of professionals, students and even mid-career people to achieve the excellence in life and leave behind their imprints of creativity.

Toeing the Philosophy of Positive Mantra the author is developing a holistic concept of Thought Management as he wrote two more books AlterNET Thinking and Listen to the Music before the Song is Over. These works are basically initiate the process of Self Thinking and help the volatile mind to come in terms with the self. This may help people to live life with better mind management. The Divinitiy that runs the cosmos is within you ‘Just be in touch with yourself and see how inspiring and creative being you are! The author is available for any academic interaction in B Schools or any institutions where students are under huge pressure. Any institution may feel free to call Dr Gautam Chatterjee, if he can do a little bit to inspire the Time --be in NOW Live or in future through his published works.

Positive Mantra The Art of Thinking and Science of Living

AlterNET Thinking

Listen to the Music Before the Song is Over


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