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ibiblio logos

As an ibiblio contributor, we ask that you include our logo in your web pages. This is so visitors to your site will be able to identify your content as "Hosted by ibiblio." If people see ibiblio hosting your great content, we hope they might choose to host their collection with us as well.

Below are images in various sizes and formats, which you can manually include in your web directory (following the directions at the bottom). We've also made it easy for you by providing code that you can just cut and paste into your web pages. Click on the link below each image for the code.

Thank you for supporting ibiblio!

Here's some slightly newer buttons you might like!

'hosted by' GIF - blue background

logo only - GIF - transparent background

'hosted by' PNG format - blue background

'hosted by' GIF - transparent background

If you want to copy these images to your computer:

  1. either right-click (Linux/windows)
  2. or ctrl-click (Mac) on the image
  3. and select "Save This Image As..."

This will save the image to a location on your hard drive. Add to your homepage and upload!

We have also made a gzipped Unix tar file (ibiblio_host.tgz) available that contains all of the images and information on how to link. Un-tarring this file will create a directory called 'images'. So, if you copy the tar file to your html root and have a directory called 'images' already, un-tarring will automagically place the 'hosted by' images in the right place!

If you need a size different than the ones we have provided, we recommend downloading the largest image and resizing, to preserve image quality.

For Print Projects

Download the ibiblio logo in .eps format - high resolution- transparent background (*not suitable for web use*) :: ibiblio shade of blue is #99CCFF (rgb = 153; 204; 255)

The ibiblio pdf handout - a general overview of who we are and what we do.

Thank you for your continued support of ibiblio.org!

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