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William Butcher is an independent researcher and author. He previously worked at Oxford and the ENA (Paris). He  has published a score of books and  many articles about the French novelist, Jules Verne.

In 2021 alone, he is planning to publish about five full-length works.

Recent publications

Jules Verne : Souvenirs personnels (Edns Paganel, mai 2021)

"Marforio le mystérieux : un esprit pré-vernien ?" (janvier 2021)

"Hong Kong in the First Manuscript of Around the World" (2020)

Jules Verne: The Biogaphy (Oasis Audio, 2020)

Cinq semaines en ballon (Gallimard, 2020)

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas (Oxford UP, 2019)

"Humbug: An Introduction" (2019)

"Verne and China" (2019)