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9th Annual FeTNA/TNF Tamil Convention Souvenir (Malar)
Article (Translation)

The Potential Benefits of Learning Thamil

The city of Karur is one of the ancient business centers of Thamil Nadu.  The fact that Thamils had trade relations with foreign lands is documented in classical literature.  Even today, Roman coins are found near Karur’s river beds.  Just like the Thamils of old, today’s Thamils are embracing business in search of profit.  The main industry of present-day Karur is clothing export.  Twoels, undergarments, and other cloth varieties are prepared in large quantities for foreigners and shipped for a profit.  In a number of Karur’s clothing export companies, I have seen the word for “profit” scribbled in paint on the wall next to pictures of gods.  It’s with this profit-seeking attitude in mind that Thamils leave Thamil Nadu for America.  Their one and only reason—money.

Everyone in Thamil Nadu is of the opinion that the Thamil language doesn’t put food on the table.  (As a result, no one respects the study of Thamil.)  This point of view doesn’t change after emigrating to America.  But the situation in America is different.  Thamil language education is beneficial to children growing up here in America.  I will explain how the Thamil language can be of use in the fields listed below:


I am going to start medical school next year.  Last school year, I spent the entire year in Thamil Nadu learning Thamil.  I also learned about the customs and culture of Thamils.  Each time I went to interview at medical schools, I was asked about my experiences in Thamil Nadu.  The interviewers told me openly that this was an added credential to my application for admission.  Some people may doubt the relevance of Thamil language proficiency to medicine.  In America, doctors may be required to see patients with different customs and from different cultural backgrounds.  Therefore, it is a necessity for treatment of patients to be in agreement with their specific customs and cultural background.  Medical schools believe that doctors who know two different cultures can more easily understand this need and treat patients accordingly.

I was granted both admission and a scholarship to study medicine.  I would not have received the scholarship if I had not spent one year studying Thamil.

Information Technology

            With the industrial revolution finished, we are now in the middle of the information technology revolution.  Many people in Thamil Nadu are getting trained in information technology.  Of all the states in India, Thamil Nadu is the leader in information technology education and awareness.  People from Thamil Nadu keep coming to America to get jobs in the information technology sector.  In addition, American information technology companies are setting up branches over there.  Therefore, Thamil language proficiency will help in any efforts to start a new company in the field of information technology. 


            Thamil nadu is in first or second place among Indian states in business investment.  People in America who desire to start doing business in Thamil Nadu will require knowledge of the Thamil alngauge.  When the new country of Thamil Eelam is born, there will be countless new economic opportunities.  Here too, a person must know Thamil in order to do business. 

I have a detailed knowledge of teaching Thamil to second-generation Thamils.  Once a student, I am now a teacher.  I am currently writing lessons and distributing them via the Internet.  You can access them at the following Internet address: www.tamilclass.com

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