BarCampRDU was the 3rd unconference that I’ve been involved in organizing in the past 18 months. And I’d have to say that it was the best one so far. Fred did a bang up job of using the BarCamp infrastructure of wikis, blogs and lists to work for the conference in advance and in securing sponsorship.

Podcastercon drew over 300 people, but it was national — over half of the attendees weren’t from this area. Triangle Blogger Conference was my first and although it went well, I think our version depended too much on having too many people in the same room for too long. Also both of these were on the UNC campus in the winter which meant that parking and the like were more challenging.

had the advantage of a great location and very good sponsorship from local tech oriented organizations — thanks to Red Hat (for the location and more) and to, rPath, 6th Sense Analytics, BlogAds, Aurora Funds, and the Council on Entrepreneurial Development.

Some press:
News and Observer did a fine BarCampRDU write up on Saturday (the morning of)

as did the tech blog earlier.

on the WRAL hosted Tech Wire
and Local Tech Wire itself
ZDNet blogger Ed Burnette reports as it happens

and WRAL’s Local Tech Wire has a good writeup.

About 150 pictures of BarCampRDU are posted publically on Flickr

Fred’s summary and thank yous are here.