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Calling Turkeys, Fearing Sheep

The News and Observer has a very useful interactive feature on ways to call wild turkeys. I can’t wait to try some of these.

Ken points us all to this trailer for a new horror movie out of New Zealand in which some sheep go terribly wrong. Somehow they not only become aggressive but they get opposing teeth! Then, well, the trailer explains some more of the horrors of the rampant rabid ruminants — Beware the Black Sheep!

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  1. Saw the trailer for the film early last week. I want to see this film. OTOH, I think “rabid rampant ruminants” works better than “rampant rabid ruminants” for me: the plosive in “rampant” slows down the sequence in speech for me, so reversing the first two words both deals with that and arranges the three alliterative words in alphabetical order, which I also find pleasing.

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