Thanks to fellow Clamper Bebo White for reading my tribute to Emperor Norton at the annual gathering at His gravesite in the Woodlawn Cemetery, San Francisco, California (really in Colma) with fellow members of the Yerba Buena #1 unit of E Vitus Clampus this past January 7. (Photos to come).

Homage to Emperor Norton at the 143th Anniversary of His Death

Look with love and don’t despair
the loss of our Dear Emperor.
Just remember He was here.

While others dream of castles,
He dreamt bridges in the air
and saw us as His near equals.

After the First, there can be none.
We are proud to be the vassals
of our Norton the only One

Who has been so fit to rule.
And rule was what He has done
over all worlds and all people.

He was wise to play the fool!
Traveler, Pause and Be Grateful!