Thanks to fellow Clamper Bebo White for reading my tribute to Emperor Norton at the annual gathering at His gravesite in the Woodlawn Cemetery, San Francisco, California (really in Colma) with fellow members of the Yerba Buena #1 unit of E Vitus Clampus this past January 7.

To Emperor Norton In Heaven

We gather here in Black and Red
To say that Norton is not dead,

No! He looks down from overhead
Wearing his uniform and wings.

Let the jug band begin to sing!

Let the fife and washboard celebrate
The rule of Norton, The Greatest Great!

Let the notions of Norton become
Shouted loud as the loudest bass drum.

Let his ideas become as clear
As a bottle of Anchor Steam Beer.

Let us show our love and commemorate
Places holy and degenerate.

Let the Bridges, at last, wear his name.
Let the Ferry House do the same.

Let his decrees and his visions
Become the core of our mission.

Let us be like him exactly