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Long on Horns, Short on Books

The University of Texas Library has found a way to decrease library costs — eliminate books.

Kris Axtman of The Christian Science Monitor reports:

When students wander into the former University of Texas undergraduate library this fall, gone will be the “Quiet Please” signs, the ban on cheeseburgers or sodas, the sight of solemn librarians restocking books.

The fact is, there will be no more books to restock. The UT library is undergoing a radical change, becoming more of a social gathering place more akin to a coffeehouse than a dusty, whisper-filled hall of records. And to make that happen, the undergraduate collection of books had to go.

This summer, 90,000 volumes were transferred to other collections in the campus’s massive library system – leaving some to wonder how a library can really be a library if it has no tomes.

[more at the Christian Science Monitor site]


  1. Sally

    Not that different from the UNC UL, right? which went from a shopworn library to a beautifully panelled media center with a few token books.

  2. Paul

    the books at UNC UGrad are upstairs. that is the stacks. downstairs is the browing collection and reading room. beneath that is the media center and computer lab area. not unlibrary like at all.

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