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Others on MTS08

I’m still having family fun and worshiping at the church of BBall — Davidson trailing Kansas by only 2 at the half. In the meantime, here are some links:

Remember that our schedule was pretty packed.

Luis Villa who is in Law School at Columbia having been at Gnome before that blogs (and tweets) as tieguy

Adam Keys lets his inner MSFT fanboy loose as he explains why Scott Guthrie and the new ASP.NET MVC framework are important as The Real Adam (he has the Real meme but hasn’t he seen Rails and other framworks?). To be fair to Adam, he is mostly fan of only one of the two MSFTs.

Robert Cadena blogging as machine501 did a great job of blogging whilst the rest of us were snarking on the backchannel, but feels the need to show his OSS cred despite the great posts.

David Peterson who XMLs many places has some quick notes here.

A few of us remembered to tell to index our tweets ( I can’t believe what a good job I did of tagging *before* I remembered to register — ugh).

Not to worry tweet-fans, Twemes did a wonderful job of catching *all* the tweets tagged as #mts08 including all of mine.

Obligatory Flickr pics of geeks at a conference are here.

Technorati did a good job of catching most of us who used the “mts08” tag.

Slashdot has an article on the state of the MSFT brand
— not related to the Microsoft Technology Summit exactly, but interesting nonetheless.

UPDATE: Startup Weekend Andrew Hyde was no Dr Jeckle when he BarCamped the event (after I was out at the airport)

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