Perkins Library was my friend. He/she/it/they had been my friend for a while now. That was before FaceBook began their jihad against fakesters. Not that Perkins was a fake. She/he/it/they represented the Library in its fullness, its aspect as a social creature or at least a social building with a social awareness, an interactive and responsive organism — not unlike the living Geisel Library protrayed in Vernor Vinge‘s Rainbows End.

Perkins isn’t the only Library to be destroyed by FaceBook, Jason Griffy over in Tennessee sees a trend and reports in from there. More Libraries killed. Vanished and not allowed to return.

FaceBook, about the be bought possibly by Yahoo!, is retracing the missteps of the faded Friendster as Fred notes over at Unit Structures.

The Blogging Section of the SLA-IT has the story on the University of Kenntucky Library.

FaceBook bring back my Library friend!