Tuesday last week, I drove into work and stopped at the gate. The gate opened but my PT, a straight drive, wouldn’t go into first from neutral. I tried jiggling etc and finally turned off the car. Pow! It went into gear with ease. I parked and all was fine if a little stiff in the one gear change I needed to get into the deck and into a parking place.

Driving home was a little stiff in the shifting but everything worked. Things seems back to normal for a couple of days. Til Friday in fact. An odd syncro-mesh moment I thought.

I came to the turn into the parking lot, stopped for the light and once again I couldn’t get in gear. Yes the clutch was on the floor. I turned off the car. I could shift into first, restart the car and drive again. One more restart at the gate and I was parked.

Leaving that evening, I started the car and couldn’t get it in reverse. Stopped. In gear. Backout. Try first. No way. Turn off. In gear. Drive out. Next few shifts were stiff but those shifts worked without grinding even. But at the first light. I had to TurnOff-Shift-Restart again.

I made it home.

Tomorrow off to Chrysler. At about 73K miles, am I in for a slave cylinder? A clutch? A sensor (Chrysler says no to this)? Or what?