Today, Tuesday November 14 is RSVVP day! You eat at a restaurant and 10% of your bill goes to the Urban Ministries in Chapel Hill and Durham.

On Tuesday, November 14, 2006, area restaurants will donate 10% of their breakfast, lunch and dinner proceeds to help alleviate hunger in the Triangle.

It’s simple. We advertise. The public eats out (or gets take-out). The restaurant makes a donation. Everyone gets a meal.

Restaurants sharing V(5) + V(5) percent (5+5=10%), or RSVVP, has raised more than $425,000 to fight hunger since its inception in 1989.

The fundraiser will be advertised extensively on TV, radio, newspapers, direct mail, and posters.

Our major sponsors include SunTrust Bank, ABC 11, The Herald-Sun and The Chapel Hill Herald, Money Mailer Durham-Orange, Curtis Media and 1360 WCHL. Posters will be displayed throughout the Triangle asking the public to “eat locally, feed locally” on our designated RSVVP day.

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