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From Anton (for Bora, Brian and me):

Hello again. We wanted to contact you one more time to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for attending the 2007 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference. Bora, Brian, Paul and I were delighted to meet you and greet you last weekend, and we truly appreciate your participation in the event.

Here are a some wrap-up announcements:

1. Please take a few minutes to share your comments about this conference and suggestions for how we might improve the next science blogging event. Use this easy to fill-in form.

2. The wiki has a comprehensive listing of links about the conference. You can find audio files for Dr. Willard’s talk and slides for Dr. Stemwedel’s talk, as well as links to all of your postings before, during and after the event. If we’re missing your posts, send Bora a message.

3. Help us thank our sponsors, donors, contributors and discussion leaders by visiting their blogs and websites. Click on the logos at the bottom of the wiki home page, or find a comprehensive listing of people to thank here. If you or your organization would like to get on the list of sponsors for the next science blogging conference, or help organize the event, send Anton a message or add a comment at the end of the feedback form.

4. Public Library of Science graciously donated t-shirts. In return, they ask that anyone who took a shirt sign up for the free PLoS One service and try it out for a while.

5. The science blogging anthology is out. Get it.

6. Lastly, if you live in or visit the Triangle region (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill), please join us at another of our BlogTogether events, including the Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup and the Raleigh Bloggers Meetup. Monitor our blog at and sign up for our mailing list to learn about our events and social gatherings.

That’s all. Again, thank you. Keep in touch, and keep on blogging.

Anton, Bora, Brian and Paul