Uzi writes to alert us of an electronic music BarCamp, BarCampSignal, to coincide with Signal Fest. BarCampSignal will happen on April 28 beginning at 10 am at UNC. Signal Fest 2007 will happen from Thursday, April 26 through Saturday, April 28.

Uzi says:

Some of you folks may have heard about Signal (, the electronic festival that is happening in two weeks in Chapel Hill. What you may not have known is that we are trying to break new ground when it comes to music conference workshops. Seriously.

We’re mixing Bar Camp ( with a music conference. As someone who has attended the “industry” workshops in the past, I think that it’s worth a shot to do something different. I just like the idea that someone could say, “You know, that topic you’ve offered doesn’t impress me. I’m going to vote for Abelton Live class tutorial”. So BarCampSignal was created.

So far, we have Mark Hosler ( and Black Milk ( along with some local producers participating at this year’s Bar Camp. What I would love to encourage is anyone who has any interesting is music to sign up and participate.

I would also love to help out with a audio production class with open source tools or even a laptop jockey tutorial session (maybe with mixxx? or some other tool–I’m not picky).

Anyway, go to the website. Add your name to the attendees’ list. Do cool stuff. Go to the meet ‘n greet afterwards and make connections with other people who acknowledge that music is an addiction. And
most importantly, have fun…

The BarCampSignal sign-up page

When: Saturday, April 28th 10am
Where: Frank Porter Graham Student Union, UNC Chapel Hill