No Email Day
It’s back! And just in time for a nice mid-Spring cleansing of bad habits. The 5th #noemailday will be celebrated on 5/5/15 aka May 15, 2015. The date was selected so that both those who write dates as Month/Day/Year and Day/Month/Year can be represented. Not really. The first #noemailday was 11/11/2011, then 12/12/2012, then 3/3/2013. Last year’s #noemailday was 4/4/2014. If you miss 5/5/2015, then your next chance will be 6/6/2016.

Founded by Paul Lancaster now of SageOne in UK after his issuing of the No Email Day Manifesto (a great slideshare read which I recommend), No Email Day offers a chance for companies and individuals to take a break and discover better ways of communicating — better than email which is pretty much any other way at all.

For some deeper viewing and good insightful conversation about #noemail and alternative communications strategies, catch up with Luis @elsua Suarez and Claire Burge @claireburge on their bi-weekly video Vodcasts Life Without Email on YouTube. Now up to Episode 5.

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