Luis Suarez and Claire Burge continue their vodcasts series with Episode 2: Life Without eMail: What’s Wrong with eMail? #noemail

In which: Claire and Luis each present their Top Three Reasons Why Email Has Gone Wrong?

1) Demands “Empty Me Out!” but also “Feed Me!”–like a man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors
2) Selfish rather than for the team
3) Does not help people focus on work (or on much else).

1) Volume = Competence echoing Lumbergh’s video. Not really. Email volume is a false measure of productivity.
2) Email is a very bad management tool. But it’s used that way too often. Email is a very bad knowledge base. See Claire’s number 2. Inboxes are personal silos.
3) Email is no longer a productivity tool. It was the only way but now it’s overloaded and not working to solve the problems of collaboration.

Includes a teaser for the next episode (11 am EST-US March 12 Thursday) which will include a very special guest speaker and on the YouTube page some very good comments.