These are new instructions for Downloading the Virtual Cell
Step 1 - Determine your needs. Each section of the Virtual Cell is available in a separate ZIP file, so you can download only what you need. The Virtual Cell tour is one section, and Chapter 3 of the textbook is a separate section. If you only need the textbook, you can save about 8 megabytes worth of download time.

Step 2 - Download the files for the sections you want from the list below. All of these files must be saved in the C:\VCell folder (or whichever folder you choose to install the Virtual Cell in).

Step 3 - Install your downloads. For each file you downloaded, go to "My Computer" and find the file. Double click on it, and click the "Unzip" button. DO NOT change the default folder in the window; simply click the unzip button. You will need to have winzip installed on your computer for this to work.

Tour - The Virtual Tour of the cell
Textbook - Chapter 3 of the textbook, "Cell Biology"