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If you have found The Walker Percy Project website useful or of interest, please consider supporting our activities by purchasing your books through our bookstore. To locate a specific book, choose from the following Project sections to read descriptions of and purchase your Percy book needs for yourself or for others as gifts:

Books by Walker Percy
The Books by Walker Percy section of the Project website includes his novels, non-fiction works, interview collections, and books of correspondence. Works of fiction are available in a variety of formats: print, digital, and audio.

Books on Walker Percy
The Books on Walker Percy section of the Project includes all known critical studies on Percy and his writing. You will find biographies, remembrances, and documentaries here.

To order a copy of a book, click any Purchase link on the Project website and you will be directed to where we receive proceeds from all referrals.

On Novelists and Canaries

"The novelist writes about the coming end in order to warn about present ills and so avert the end....[but he] is less like a prophet than he is like the canary that coal miners used to take down into the shaft to test the air. When the canary gets unhappy, utters plaintive cries, and collapses, it may be time for the miners to surface and think things over..."

— Walker Percy

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