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Firing up a Wiki

Well, I've finally done it. I've forgotten the vandals that say something stupid. Okie, so I've simply reinstalled a Wiki on greta, PhpWiki to be exact. I've set it up to allow editing from self-created logins for now.

Right now, the only use I have for it is for some quick end user documentation for Jabber users. Why? To be idealisitic, a quick FAQ-style site so I don't have to remember the answer to the same question without having to refer to a newsgroup posting or an infrequently updated website (hey, Emacs takes forever to load on my server).

And so I can compare it against Faq-O-Matic to see which I want for the job. (Well, if I can persuade it to work, which I can't right now.)

Personally, I think it'd be far easier to load more terse statements into ChatBot, so it pops up for users immediately, rather than a web page. But time will tell.


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