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huttcity.com appears again

Back in 2001, being low on available cash to burn (literally, perhaps), and in any case, not having much use for it anyway, I gave the venerable Hutt City Council my huttcity.com domain, after having got a phone call from their webmaster asking if they could have it. The person on the other end of the line suggested she'd look for another domain if I didn't hand it over, as they weren't interested in paying megabucks (nor when, trying to push my luck, I asked if they'd give me an alias on the domain), but they did agree to pay the (by then) overdue domain name renewal fee. Then again, this was in the days before anyone would have considered the UDRP, though it did exist by then.

I gave them the password for it, and after a few problems for the city council renewing the domain, it was all theirs, and ending my problem of finding money to keep it. Even though I did give it up, I assumed it was getting a good home/registrant.

Several months went by, and at least a year later, it was still pointing at the council's site. Which was still cool, all the same. I thought they'd never get around to using it for anything (the webmaster muttered something about some sort of city portal site, as my distant memory of the exchange goes), but I see it now appears to have another life as a pilot project for free mini-sized sites for new businesses that haven't yet splashed out on hosting. Likewise, having pounced on huttcity.org separately, they also have a site for community groups that's virtually the same, down to the documentation (give or take a few words here and there).

Well, new life into what was, when I had it, originally subtitled 'your online guide to Jabba the Hutt's favourite place to be', I guess.


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