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It's a long way from Katherine: the baby bonus bungle

Clare Martin, NT Chief Minister (ALP), on the Australian PM (Liberal), in Thursday's Northern Territory News on the effect of one-off payments of $600 to territory families, which has led to more domestic violence, drunkenness and substance abuse:

'The logistics of actually managing those payments, they haven't even thought about it,' she said.

'This is a Canberra pre-election promise. Okay, it's very welcome by families but you have to look at how it's implemented.

'From John Howard's point of view, Canberra is a long way from Katherine.'

Ah, the law of unintended consequences... oops. The ATSIC people don't seem too pleased, either:

'(The Federal Government) should have staggered the payments, not give it to them all in one hit.

'The Government has just compounded the violence and drinking problem we already have in the region.'

Guess you can't get everything right. :(


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