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Ah, finally. The weather in Wellington and Lower Hutt suits my wardrobe! Unfortunately, it isn't the happiest of circumstances in which to be please I am able to dress well.

Pity I may have trouble getting home from school this afternoon, though.

Ironically, Linda Clark on National Radio played a certain Crowded House song -- yes, it was Weather With You -- during her show after a report on people waiting at the Wellington airport.

Oh, that and my Blosxom incarnation of this diary has been comment spammed. Grumble. I've just deleted some of the comments. Fortunately there weren't too many comments to delete, and I've now disabled comments. (On that subject, TypeKey still isn't functioning here properly yet, but I've left comments enabled so at least with the stories in this incarnation you can leave a message. Not that a lot of people have done so. But I'm not worried.)


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