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Fun with Air New Zealand

I've sent Stupid Security's way some links to this week's fiasco over barefoot toddlers:

Some toddlers appear to have done something even a terrorist would have trouble doing -- delaying a flight by around 40 mins by boarding barefoot. It might have been quiet, if a couple NZ members of parliament hadn't been on board. Ironically, the captain only agreed to take off after the harrassed parents found some socks. Really, Air NZ could have picked someone else for safety or security issues.

Nat Howard (I presume it's him) asks if anyone has seen the captain's side of the story. My inkling is that it's a bit like the situation with public servants -- it's a bit hard to comment publicly on something you're passionate about (or pretty much anything, really) without losing your job.

I see he's also posted something someone sent him (no external website verification, though, but interesting nonetheless) about delays on an El Al flight's arrival because a smoker needed to be dealt with by police. My only possible guess (as posted in reply) is perhaps they either wanted evidence on their second trip, or perhaps both visits were a, uh, smoke screen for something else.

Thanks for the stories, Nat. :)


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