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More on electoral fun

Having had some electoral fun already, I'm reviewing the print editions of the Northern Territory News, The Australian and their weekend counterparts right now. Monday, 30 August's NT News has the sitting CLP member for Solomon not confident of winning, despite his 88 vote majority, being rather profound, saying [if] 45 people change their minds then Solomon will be a Labor seat. In the meantime Tuesday's paper quotes a CDU lecturer who reckons there's no way first preferences will settle the matter. Yummy. The Australian on Monday reviews the fight in Solomon, too, calling the same said sitting member a larrikin, but pretty much saying the same thing.

July 3's Weekend Australian, however, has a rather comprehensive feature (and very personal) story on the said sitting member. If you can get hold of the article, it's a very interesting read. The August 29 issue's website edition includes an article that notes that [there] are 24 government seats held by less than 5 per cent, while Labor has 16. As I've found previously, Solomon's at the top of the list.

[Listening to: Election Night -- Bic Runga -- Beautiful Collision (03:05)]


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