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July 31, 2005

Cotton Building stairwell

Cotton Building, Victoria University of Wellington.

Cotton Building, Victoria University of Wellington.

Originally uploaded by Jonathan Ah Kit.

Here's another sight, though probably far less commonly noticed -- the stairwell on the northern end of the Cotton Building.

Easterfield Building

Easterfield Building, Victoria University of Wellington

Easterfield Building, Victoria University of Wellington.

Originally uploaded by Jonathan Ah Kit.

It looks rather nice on a sunny day. Not so great inside there all day, however.

July 28, 2005

The mystery of the free university-provisioned metropolitan daily newspapers

There's stands of free daily newspapers at Victoria University of Wellington at the moment.

With compliments of Victoria University, there's stands of free copies of the Dominion Post at the university at the moment, albeit during the week. I've posted some neutral thoughts at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ahkitj/29149096/ for the keen.

Students at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden (2 of 2)

Students at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Students at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Originally uploaded by Jonathan Ah Kit.

And here's the other one. Actually, I think the first snapshot works better:

Students at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden (1 of 2).

Students at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden (1 of 2)

Students at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Students at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Originally uploaded by Jonathan Ah Kit.

I think the other one was nicer, but it's a matter of perspective, really. (No pun intended.)

July 27, 2005

Leap second

Ha. You're getting an extra second this year. So there.

SCMA news now. Now that the WSCF-AP books have been uploaded, I've been working on arranging the DVD Our Stories, Our Struggle: Life and Mission of World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific to be put online. Thanks to those doing that -- I'll post details and credits when it's done.

[Listening to: We Belong Together -- Mariah Carey -- We Belong Together (03:23)]

July 25, 2005

Video clips!

That's right, kids, some new streaming video clips at the S27(1) website!

Tēnā koe! On 8 July 2005, Section 27(1) in a journalism capacity visited a UniQ Victoria protest outside a Destiny Church rally organised by Brian Tamaki in Lower Hutt. Here's some videos; you will find the photographs taken by the S27(1) crew at http://www.scm.org.nz/go/234 instead.

  1. Dial-up: 28 and 56 modems
  2. Broadband: 64, 128 and 256 DSL

These two video streams are a collection of 10 short highlights from the event, from singing to some speeches and interviews (filmed spontaneously using a Canon PowerShot A80).

Hosting for the streams as part of the S27(1) and PD Books Page is kindly provided by ibiblio.

All, I should add, were very interesting, whatever side you support. For supporters, Scott Stevens' review of the event might be fun. In case someone's worried about balance or bias, I haven't been able to find any written by Destiny Church supporters yet.

[From: http://www.ibiblio.org/ahkitj/section27/multimedia/related/2005-07-08/]

Update: Unfortunately, you need pesky old RealPlayer or some compatible player or clone thing to play the clips. Sorry.

Update: Oops! I forgot to fix the addresses for the streams when pasting in the quote source. Should be better now.

July 24, 2005

Marriage is the most dangerous social institution!

Ouch! Well, guess whom this is from, without Googling?

At present marriage is easily the most dangerous of all our social institutions. This is partly due to the colossal ignorance of the public in regard to sex, and partly due to the fact that marriage is mainly controlled by lawyers and priests instead of by women and doctors. The legal and religious aspects of marriage are not the primary ones. A marriage may be legal—and miserable; religious—and diseased. The law pays no heed to the suitability of the partners, and the Church takes no regard for their health. Nevertheless, the basis of marriage is obviously mating, or sexual intercourse. Without that there is no marriage, and with it come not merely health and happiness but life itself. Cut out sexual intercourse, and society becomes extinct in one generation. Every generation must, of necessity, pass through the bodies of its women; there is no other way of obtaining entry into the world. Hence, it is clearly the duty of women to understand precisely the processes involved, from beginning to end.

With the lower animals sexual intercourse is desired only seasonally, and only for the purpose of reproduction. With the higher animals—man and women—sexual intercourse is desired more or less continuously throughout adult life, and desired much more for romantic than for reproductive considerations—that is, for the sake of health and happiness rather than for the sake of procreation only. A few women, and still fewer men, have no sexual desires. To them sexual abstinence seems more natural than sexual satisfaction. But for the majority of mankind and womankind—for all normally healthy men and women—there is this continuous desire to be happily mated.

Yup, it's our friendly Ettie Rout, kids! In the above, she's writing in that great 1922 classic Safe Marriage: A Return to Sanity, from the S27(1) bookshelf.

It's interesting from any viewpoint how she gets quickly to her views and ideas on certain things. That's the first two paragraphs of the introduction above. The first five sentences, and especially the fourth, are quite telling in this regard.

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Google Moon spoof

Oh dear. It's another moon landing.

July 23, 2005

Book changes

To prevent pesky scripting resizing your page, and to keep some layout within the SCMA design, the WSCF-AP electronic books' Flash-enabled menus now 307 to a WSCF-AP publications page at scm.org.nz. The content is the same -- it's just easier to manage for us at SCMA -- and though the layout fits the current SCMA style guide, the content is clearly marked as being hosted at ibiblio.

I'll be likely to start scanning a circa 1937 select committee inquiry on abortion next month, time permitting.

July 21, 2005

High-tech trolley aims to transform shopping

But the new shopping trolley still won't necessarily push straight -- it has the same wheels as the traditional model.

July 18, 2005

More electronic books!

All right, so they're not Section 27(1) books. But if you're finding that your copy of the CD World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Library: Archives and Resource Materials Since 1974 shows up too many pesky security errors thanks to Windows XP SP2, you might want to try a copy I've installed at http://www.ibiblio.org/ahkitj/wscfap/arms1974/.

(I've done a preliminary copyright clearance of sorts in the last week -- I see also that it's already up at scm.org.nz -- if the link is still available this time tomorrow, my double check worked out fine.)

July 16, 2005

Australia: Penultimate Harry Potter hits shops

ABC: Penultimate Harry Potter hits shops. Has some videos that might be interesting.

Homework first!

Well, I had partial success. I've only read the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince so far... and a few other bits. Maybe. Honest.

Gormless photographs will follow shortly.

No, it's government property

The Indian government has dismissed claims by a Muslim trust, the Sunni Waqf Board, that it owns the Taj Mahal.


The board argued the monument was its property since it holds several Muslim graves, and the board is responsible for all Muslim graves in the country.

Bring on the court case now, perhaps?


I wonder how long are the Harry Potter queues at the book shop I preordered a copy of a certain book?

July 15, 2005

Telecom oddness

Another sign of Telecom oddness on my DSL connection: my traffic monitor claiming I've used 10.5 megabytes, while Telecom claim I've managed 52.4 megabytes.

There really does need to be far more accountability for the JetStream usage pages -- surely mentioning IP addresses in the usage meters isn't too difficult? After all, TelstraClear does it for cable modem connections.

July 14, 2005

Jack Ilott Green, Wellington Civic Square

Jack Ilott Green, Wellington Civic Square.

Jack Ilott Green, Wellington Civic Square.

Originally uploaded by Jonathan Ah Kit.

Too bad it was late in the day when I took this photograph.

Music for minors

Not a new idea, but nonetheless, a North Shore pub manager, wants to have teenagers in his pub on Saturdays for concerts.

July 11, 2005

Burns mask photo woman 'stable'

BBC News: The bomb blast survivor, whose photograph symbolised the day when London commuters faced terror attacks, is being treated in hospital for burns. Also:

July 10, 2005

UniQ protest

In case you didn't know already, two of us SCMA people joined in a UniQ protest outside what appeared to be a Destiny Church rally in Lower Hutt. I decided to make an appearance (thanks for the ride, Fionnaigh!) to take photographs for SCMA's website at the very last minute. Anyway, Fionnaigh has written a review of the protest, and the video being handed out.

My photographs for SCM Victoria are linked to from www.scm.org.nz/go/234, for those that are interested.

Streaming video clips will be officially available shortly, with some luck!

July 8, 2005

Bad taste?

Oh dear, again. It looks like the Evening Telegraph goofed.

This is the front page of the said newspaper, saying 'TERROR ATTACKS ROCK'.

That's not to say by posting this I'm doing so in bad taste -- far from it, I don't see anything funny in the above. I see the non-realisation by a newspaper that their design when folded at a news stand could be misinterpreted badly is not good.

In that spirit of horror at the event, certainly sympathies from me to everyone in London and around the world. Yikes. This was big.

[Source: ukdragon.com]

Government action unlawful in Unitec case

NZH: It means last night Unitec in West Auckland was able to celebrate a crucial victory in its six-year battle with the Government over its tertiary status.

July 7, 2005

London underground stations evacuated

Oh dear.

Net users change habits to avoid spyware

NZH: The Pew internet and American Life Project found that an overwhelming majority of internet users have stopped opening questionable email attachments, or taken other steps to avoid a plague of stealthy, unwanted programs that can disable computers or secretly monitor online activity.

July 6, 2005

Deep Impact

Maybe the NASA folks should be careful about Deep Impact -- from Monday's Doctor Fun:

4 July 2005: 'They blew up our nicest comet! Prepare to destroy the Earth!'

Identical twins grow apart with age

ABC News Online: the study of identical twins shows the genetic code itself does not change, but rather chemical changes after birth alter the way the gene is expressed, a process known as epigenetics.